‘Fundamental change’ to mask rulesMasks won’t be required outdoors in Melbourne from Monday. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Geraghty

Victoria’s rules around masks are being adjusted as the state begins rolling back restrictions that have helped it register no new cases of coronavirus for 23 straight days.

Premier Dan Andrews announced at a press conference on Sunday morning that the rules for when Victorians are required to wear masks are among those being changed from midnight on Sunday night.

“We are making a fundamental change,” Mr Andrews said.

“Masks will be required inside in all settings, they will not be required when you are outside.”

Mr Andrews said Victorians still needed to carry their masks with them in case they find themselves in a situation where they can’t socially distance even while outside.

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“If you go to Bunnings and you are inside the store, you are wearing a mask. If you are in the car park, you do not have to wear your mask. But if you are queuing up for a sausage, and you are with other people, and you are simply not keeping a distance, you are part of a crowd, you need to put the mask on,” Mr Andrews said.

“Carry the mask, because you never know, even outside, when you might need to wear it.”

Mr Andrews said masks “have played a very important part in these low numbers”.

“We just have to see this through and part of playing your part is wearing a mask,” Mr Andrews said.

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