NU-Q graduates first MA student

Ghaida Almarwani, a sports enthusiast and aspiring media professional, is the first student to graduate with an MA from Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q). Almarwani will be awarded a Master of Arts in Sports Administration (MSA) through a programme offered in partnership with Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies.

Designed to educate the next generation of media professionals and leaders in the sports industry, the programme’s curriculum includes core courses on operations, marketing and sponsorship in sports. Additionally, students enrol in a four-course programme on Global Sport Communication that allows them to specialise in communication, marketing and promotional roles in the global sports industry.
Commenting on her experience as part of the programme’s inaugural class, Almarwani said: “The programme prepares students with the professional skills and knowledge to thrive in a range of careers in the sports industry. With courses that range from sports finance and budgeting to marketing, and social issues to technology, I am confident that with this degree I will be an asset to any organisation in the sports industry.”
The courses are delivered by faculty with extensive professional and scholarly expertise in the field of sports and sports management. Students can enrol in an array of courses that include sports research methods; legal and ethical issues; the technology of sports; and global sports communication. Students in the programme participate in workshops and get hands-on experience working with the media and new technology. “During some of the elective courses, I was able to be part of a press conference, design my own website, draw a mock-up on my own mobile app, and plan a campaign from start to finish,” Almarwani said.
Another course that stood out to Almarwani was the Sports Research Methods course. “It was particularly insightful because it provided me with a broad introduction to data analysis and statistical methods. By the end of the course, I was able to analyse sports organisations, their revenue streams, recommend new data-driven approaches to maximise revenue opportunities, and use quantitative analysis to value teams, athletes, fans, brands, sponsorships.”
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